IN Business Shelby County

by Cristi Brant

A podcast catalyzing economic development and community engagement in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Jessica Kelsay, Simply CFO

    Jessica Kelsay, Simply CFO

    A boomerang resident and an overnight success story that will have you rethinking your “can’t do math” excuse for not pursuing your dreams. Psst! Nobody is doing it all!

  • Charity Elliott, Just Peachy Cafe

    Charity Elliott, Just Peachy Cafe

    She’s provides exactly what we want to be known for and is the kind of boss, well, that will change your life. Hear the story of host Cristi’s favorite chicken salad.

  • Karen Smith, Capone’s Speakeasy

    Karen Smith, Capone’s Speakeasy

    She is the vibe. Meet the bar owner game for any gathering, setting the bar for hospitality in Shelbyville.

  • Ben Warnecke, Plymate Inc.

    Ben Warnecke, Plymate Inc.

    He wasn’t out of options by way of becoming successful. One though, he could become legend and 4th generation leader of family owned Plymate, Inc.

  • Season 1

  • Heather Sparks, Bourbons and Brews Mobile Bartending

    Heather Sparks, Bourbons and Brews Mobile Bartending

    Is that? Yes! Heather Sparks! Woohoo, in this season finale episode Cristi gets level with Heather. Discover how her mobile bartending business skyrocketed from zero to sixty, taking her on exciting journeys across central Indiana, and how she's embracing her newfound success.