In Bed With The Right

by The Clayman Institute for Gender Research

Welcome to In Bed With the Right, the new podcast from the Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Hosts Moira Donegan and Adrian Daub welcome a range of scholars and critics to analyze right wing ideas about gender, sex and sexuality – and to plumb the ways in which these ideas persist in and shape our present moment.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • Episode 27: Biden

    Episode 27: Biden

    Moira and Adrian talk about Joe Biden's campaign, about the age question and the fallout from the calamitous presidential debate. NOTE: We recorded this before the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, which is why we don't talk about it here.

  • Episode 26: J.D. Vance with Gabe Winant

    Episode 26: J.D. Vance with Gabe Winant

    In a special emergency episode, Moira and Adrian talk with historian Gabe Winant about J.D. Vance, Donald Trump's pick for vice president. Gender, class and the political ascendancy of creep masculinity.

  • Episode 25: Richard Wagner: Act II

    Episode 25: Richard Wagner: Act II

    Adrian and Moira return for another episode on the life and works of Richard Wagner, investigating the radical political/philosophical influences that led him to some of the good, the bad, and the downright racist tropes in his operas.

  • Episode 24: LIVE SHOW Anita Bryant with Sarah Marshall of You’re Wrong About

    Episode 24: LIVE SHOW Anita Bryant with Sarah Marshall of You’re Wrong About

    For this live show, Moira and Adrian blinking step into the big world and come face to face with other human beings! Specifically Sarah Marshall of the amazing “You’re Wrong About” podcast, and an audience of 60 lovely people on Stanford’s campus. Together they discuss the life and times of Anita Bryant, OG anti-gay crusader—and why we’re still living in an America she helped shape.

  • Episode 23: RFK Jr.

    Episode 23: RFK Jr.

    Moira walks Adrian through the strange, tragic, enraging life of RFK Jr.—vaccine skeptic, presidential candidate, and literal brain worm survivor. Along the way, your hosts touch on Kennedy masculinity, American aristocracy, and the fine art of styling yourself as an outsider while the whole world can't stop deferring to you.