In a Pickle with Kat & Jamie

by Jamie G & Katherine T

Listen as Kat & Jamie talk to some of pickleball's best professional players & biggest personalities. The sport with the funny name is the fastest-growing sport in the United States, but the pro leagues are going in two directions. Can they come together as one premier organization? Or will they continue to battle for pickleball dollars?

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • KC's own Ben Newell & Yana Bear!

    KC's own Ben Newell & Yana Bear!

    We sat down with PPA Pros Ben Newell and Yana Grechkina to talk pickleball, marketing, and...marriage?!?

  • Zane & Koooooop & Maggie go to dinner...


    Zane & Koooooop & Maggie go to dinner...


    In this episode, recorded back at the APP St. Louis tournament in May, our original plans fell through. So we asked Andrea Koop to dinner. She said yes. And she invited Zane Navratil to go with us. Then we invited Maggie Remynse to go too. Everyone said yes. So we ate and drank and were merry. Cheers!

  • Just Jack

    Just Jack

    We're baaaack!! And wow, is our timing perfect or what? We sat down with Jack Oxler, pickleball pro at the original Chicken & Pickle. We interviewed him just before his fantastic run in men's doubles with Ben Newell at the PPA Austin tournament. When we first asked Jack to sit and chat with us, he was...trepidatious, to say the least. But once we got going, we think you'll find him knowledgeable, delightful, and eager about the state and future of pickleball.

  • Season 1

  • THE Voice of Pickleball - Pt. 2

    THE Voice of Pickleball - Pt. 2

    Hear the second half of Lauren McLaughlin's interview with Katherine & Jamie. Learn all about the APP and why you (yes, YOU!) should play tournament pickleball with the APP.

  • THE Voice of Pickleball

    THE Voice of Pickleball

    For December, we present our first two-part interview with whom we consider to be THE VOICE of pickleball, Ms. Lauren McLaughlin. Hear her take on the changing game of pickleball, where the sport may be headed for pros, and her endearing take on children ( orrrr...not).