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How to utilise your support staff to build strong client relationships

In the Q by Bruce Coombes

Episode notes

If service is a measure of how you make people feel, then professional services providers should be mindful of their bedside manner. If a client walks away from the interaction with you feeling good, they will be more inclined to offer a referral – so every touchpoint along the process should add value. In addition, they should feel like they are the only client in your firm. To have high levels of client satisfaction, your employees must also feel valued. So it follows that if you hope to have a high level of client satisfaction, your staff satisfaction levels must also increase. If your team are unhappy, how can you possibly deliver client satisfaction levels of 10/10? Our Managing Director Bruce Coombes sits down with Alistair Marshall, Director of Professional Services Business Development, to chat about all things service for SME’s. Alistair ... 

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