Immigration 360°

by Victoria Lanza

Immigration 360° is an 8-part podcast series that discusses immigration occurring at the Arizona/Mexico border from various perspectives. The purpose of this series is to simultaneously serve as a tool for advocacy and to increase awareness of immigration at the US Southern border. Episode will be released weekly on Tuesdays.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Dora’s Story – A Story of Migration

    Dora’s Story – A Story of Migration

    In this episode, I interview Dora Rodriguez. Dora Rodriguez is a social worker and is an advocate and activist for migrant rights. We discuss Dora’s story of migration and her current work. TW: This episode contains the sensitive topics of violence, human smuggler exploitation, death, murder, and trauma. Action Item(s): Check out the website for SalvaVision (, Dora’s organization that provides aid and support to asylum seekers and migrants.

  • Legal Perspective of Immigration

    Legal Perspective of Immigration

    In this episode, I interview Alex Miller. Alex Miller is an immigration attorney and immigration justice advocate. We discuss Alex’s experiences and specific policies that have impacted the asylum-seeking process such as Title 42. Action Item(s): If you can, donate If you cannot donate, have difficult conversations with people in your network Call your Senator or Representative to keep the government accountable Look up non-profits that are working in your area to get directly involved

  • Ventanillas de Salud

    Ventanillas de Salud

    In this episode, I interview Lorena Verdugo. Lorena Verdugo is currently working as a community health coordinator at the Ventanilla de Salud at the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, Arizona. We discuss how the Ventanilla de Salud provides on-site assistance, and outreach to low-income and Hispanic migrant families unfamiliar with the US health system. Action Item(s): Tell people how important it is to get the COVID-19 vaccine Help spread awareness of the benefits of getting the vaccine and encourage those around you Help people around you access a COVID-19 vaccine

  • Casa Alitas

    Casa Alitas

    Description: In this episode, I interview Diego Lopez who is a program manager at a Casa Alitas, a shelter in Tucson, Arizona. We discuss services available for migrants arriving to the United States. Action Item(s): Diversifying reading sources Read The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea Book recommendations on the Casa Alitas website: Encouraging Senators and Representatives to vote on issues that will support shelters like Casa Alitas in funding Vote for policies that will improve migration in the United States Volunteer and work with migrants and refugees in your own communities Read stories of people who have migrated on Casa Alita’s website:

  • Nogales, Arizona: A US Border Town

    Nogales, Arizona: A US Border Town

    In this episode, I interview Mayor Garino who is the Mayor of Nogales, Arizona. We discuss Nogales, Arizona as an example of a border town that has been impacted by immigration and immigration policies at the US Southern border. Terms used in episode: Ambos Nogales – term used to refer to both Nogales, Arizona, US and Nogales, Sonora, MX Action Item(s): Contact your Senators and Congress representatives and tell them what is happening at the border