Grand River Dam Authority, a Partner and Employer at MidAmerica Industrial Park

Podcast in the Park by MidAmerica Center of Workforce Excellence

Episode notes

GRDA's Dan Sullivan joins us to talk more about GRDA and the partnership with MidAmerica. The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) is a state agency whose mission is to serve as a "conservation and reclamation district for the waters of the Grand River." It carries out this mandate by controlling and storing the river's waters and by generating waterpower and electrical energy "to use, distribute, and sell within the boundaries of the District." Hydroelectric projects on the Grand River began with the Pensacola Dam. Construction was initiated in 1938 and completed in 1941. The Grand River Dam, as it is also known, was the first hydroelectric facility built in Oklahoma and the longest multiple-arch dam in the United States. The dam stretches across the Grand River and creates the Lake O' The Cherokees (Grand Lake), a major recreational area with thir ... 

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