If It Makes Money

by Poppa Dollar

Inform, Educate & Invest... Our podcast will discuss a variety of different topics as it relates to the dollar. The dollar governs just about everything we do, so let's talk about it. "If It Makes Money", We Love Talking About It, with "Poppa Dollar".

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Your Mental Health

    Your Mental Health

    Poppa Dollar has been on a sabbatical after losing a brother to Cancer. Addresses health and wealth and the effect it can have on your daily life routines.

  • Critical Race Theory

    Critical Race Theory

    CRT... Poppa Dollar shares the definition and its origin.

  • Healthcare Insurance Professional

    Healthcare Insurance Professional

    A representative from Incompass USA shares in depth information and analysis on insurance options for seniors and those seeking health insurance on the open market. Your host: Poppa Dollar.

  • No Money Down

    No Money Down

    Your Host Big Poppa Dollar talks about using the no money down approach to buying and selling Real Estate.

  • My Seven Interveiw Tips...

    My Seven Interveiw Tips...

    If it Makes Money, We talk About It! Big PD discusses 7 refresher tips to interviewing for that awesome job.