How to Save Money and Protect Your Business!

IDA Door-Cast by IDA Executive Director, Mike Fischer

Episode notes

Join your DoorCast host, Mike Fischer, as he speaks with Andy Stergiou about how a proper insurance strategy can help door dealers manage risk while optimizing the expense. Andy will explain some common issues facing door dealers and what pitfalls to avoid while making sure their businesses are protected.

Andy Stergiou is the Executive Vice President for the Commercial Group at Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., and manages the IDA Preferred Partner program: IDAAssurance. With this exclusive program for IDA Members, garage door companies with superior loss experience can work with Alliant to help lower their upfront insurance premiums.

Your customers expect you to deliver quality, service and value in every project, whether it is a small residential installation or a large commercial contract. IDAssurance was built by the industry expe ... 

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