43. Get Signed in 2024 with Lucinda Halpern

Hungry Authors by Ariel Curry & Liz Morrow

Episode notes

Is 2024 the year you want to sign a book deal? Literary agent Lucinda Halpern, founder of Lucinda Literary, has the best advice for hooking an agent and publisher. In this episode, we chat about the importance of the pitch and how to attract attention by answering the who, what. where, when, why about your book in your query letter. Lucinda also tells us the three keys to getting signed (although... you really just need two of them!). These and more insights are the basis of her new book, Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author.

Lucinda is also offering Hungry Authors listeners a free gift! Claim it right here:


Lucinda Halpern is a literary agent with over 15 years experience,  ... 

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