Listening to Caregivers & Elevating Their Voices w/ Dr. Shannon Phillips

Humanizing Healthcare by Fidelum Health

Episode notes

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Shannon Phillips, Chief Health Officer at Joyous, about listening to caregivers – not just for their sake, but to improve patient care and the overall healthcare experience.

Healthcare is a human-centered field, yet too often the voices of caregivers often get lost in the industry's complex systems.

Research shows that caregivers cannot provide compassionate, high-quality care if they feel stressed, burnt out, and unsupported. When healthcare organizations prioritize their staff's well-being, it creates a positive ripple effect for patients.

Dr. Phillips draws on her leadership experience at Cleveland Clinic and Intermountain Health, where putting patients first meant starting with caregivers. Tools like Joyous are changing the game, replacing time-consuming focus groups and surveys with targete ... 

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