How Patient Experiences & Relationships Impact Quality Outcomes w/ Dr. Dana Safran

Humanizing Healthcare by Fidelum Health

Episode notes

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Dana Safran, President & CEO at National Quality Forum, about her groundbreaking work on the importance of patient-clinician relationships and their remarkable impact on healthcare outcomes.

Dr. Safran's research paints a clear picture: trust and a focus on whole-person care are not just feel-good concepts but essential drivers of positive healthcare outcomes.

This applies across diverse patient groups, reminding us that no matter the diagnosis, every patient is a person who deserves to be understood and cared for holistically.

That's why Dr. Safran champions value-based payment models, ensuring cost-saving measures don't compromise care. Crucially, these models need to measure what matters: patient experience.

Current surveys aren't enough – we need metrics that truly capture the dept ... 

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