Human Everywhere

by Deep Space Predictive

From our very beginnings to spreading across the Earth, we as Humans have always looked to the stars and wondered. Now we are traveling to the stars. One thing has and will always remain true - Humans take their humanity wherever we go. As we begin this new journey from our Earthbound existence, we have to ask ourselves what it will mean to be Human Everywhere. Season 1 will explore what "Human Everywhere" means from the varie ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Drew Smithsimmons, Co-Founder & Director, Braided Communications

    Drew Smithsimmons, Co-Founder & Director, Braided Communications

    Drew Smithsimmons, a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, has practiced in the mental health space for years, developing a deep understanding for the connection Humans need to survive, and thrive.As co-founder of Braided Communications, he combines his expertise in psychology with product development to support the health and performance of astronauts on deep space missions and to improve the experience and outcomes of workplace collaboration, terrestrially.For #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, we dive into a powerful conversation about Human mental health and wellness and how, even in deep space, we still take that Humanity with us, necessitating technology to support what we need to maintain our Humanity.

  • Eric Ingram, CEO, SCOUT

    Eric Ingram, CEO, SCOUT

    Eric Ingram joins the show to talk about "Space Traffic Management."With 8000 metric tons of debris in orbit, and more objects and spacecraft entering the fray every month, safety and transparency in Space is becoming paramount to ensuring our success as we expand out into the Universe.We talk about the idea of risk, which keeps the Human at the center of the conversation, because it is the risk of going to Space that keeps people from going, in general.SCOUT was recently named the Top Startup of the Year and we're excited to learn more about the possibilities their technology will bring to keep Humans Everywhere safe is Space.

  • Current Events - Russian Invasion of Ukraine and its Impact on the Space Industry

    Current Events - Russian Invasion of Ukraine and its Impact on the Space Industry

    Our panel of Space Industry experts, enthusiasts, and members - Jaym Gates, Alires Almon, and cohosts Jason Batt and UB Ciminieri - addresses the fallout of comments made by the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, threatening the potential crash of the International Space Station due to imposed sanctions as a result of the Russian invasion on Ukraine.The opinions expressed by this panel are just that, personal opinions, and not reflective of the organizations they are a part of, including Deep Space Predictive and Project Lodestar.

  • Dr. Sian Proctor, PhD, Inspiration4 Astronaut

    Dr. Sian Proctor, PhD, Inspiration4 Astronaut

    Dr. Sian Proctor, PhD, is the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft, part of the first all-civilian human spaceflight mission, Inspiration4. She is a geologist, an author, a space artist, and paving the way for a JEDI Space - just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive - to help advance Human spaceflight for all.

  • Gary Calnan, CEO, CisLunar Industries

    Gary Calnan, CEO, CisLunar Industries

    Gary Calnan began as the Co-Founder of a startup called NightRiders, Inc. and evolved to cover a wide breadth of experience including: Business Consulting, Investment Management, and Corporate FP&A in both large public company and mid-market PE-owned settings. As CEO of CisLunar Industries, he returned to his roots in entrepreneurship and combined this with his lifelong passion for space. He believes that we are on the cusp of a great opening of the space frontier and through this endeavor, he hopes to contribute to this effort.We talk about the new frontier and about the WHY and HOW we will enable human beings to travel into Space, while still focused on helping solve problems, and potential problems, for Earth.