S01 E07 - Episode 7 - Birthdays and Kitchen Witches

House of Books by Catherine Beeman

Catherine talks about her three favorite authors who just happen to have something remarkable in common, and she shares the next series in her A to Z Mystery Tour.

Nov 28 2022

0:00:00.5 S1: What two things do Louisa May Alcott, C.S. Lewis, and Madeleine L'Engle have in common? Stay tuned for the answer. Welcome to the House of Books.

0:00:15.4 S2: I'm Catherine, your host, fresh from a great Thanksgiving holiday and ready to talk about books.

0:00:22.1 S1: While I'm a lifelong reader who spent ten years as a bookseller and the past three years as a book reviewer, I don't really feel the need to acquire books. I don't feel the need to take a look at books on the shelf and instantly buy them to build to my collection. I don't share my big piles of books on Instagram. It's just not my thing. I give away books that I own as gifts to people that I think will love them. I just am not a book hoarder. However, there is an exception.

0:00:53.0 S1: Three author excepti

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