S01 E06 - Episode 6 - Thanksgiving and Snow

House of Books by Catherine Beeman

Catherine discusses some Thanksgiving stories, some stories with a snow theme, and the latest in the A to Z Mystery Tour (we're up to C).

Nov 23 2022

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Welcome to house of books. I'm Catherine, your host.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner almost literally. We'll miss our family members who can't be with us. But we still get to spend time with siblings, nieces, nephews, and we'll be sure to raise a glass to toast those who can't be with us. It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody here who's listening that I'm going to talk about Thanksgiving stories. So one of them is free. The other two you do need to pay for but they're all valuable and entertaining stories.

So the free story is called an old fashioned Thanksgiving that

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