S01 E05 - Episode 5 - A gnome, a widow, and an awkward detective

House of Books by Catherine Beeman

Catherine shares two stories for your listening or reading pleasure - the story of a gnome & a widow, and a story about an awkward detective. Enjoy this short episode, and then visit Your Book Group for relevant links. (Links will be created within one day of release.) Happy listening and happy reading!

Nov 16 2022

Teaser: On today's episode you'll learn about acozy Urban fairy tale and you'll hear
about the next book in the A to Z Mystery Tour. Stay tuned!

Welcome to this episode of House of books! I'm Catherine, your host.

One of my goals on this podcast is to introduce you to books that can't necessarily be easily accessed by walking through the bookstore or by doing a quick online search, mainly because there's no publishing push putting these books in front of us.
Sometimes that's because they're not recent publications; sometimes it's because they're self-published, and of course a self-published author doesn't have anywhere near the marketing budget that a large publisher would have. My goal is to help put these books in front of you myself, because I've enjoyed them so much.
I have

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