#44 6 Steps To Heal & Transform Your Marriage with Coach Laura Amador

HOT MOM HABITS by Natalie k. Schwartz

Episode notes

In this episode Natalie chats with Laura Amador, certified relationship coach and expert in the Six Intimacy Skills™.

Whether you're struggling with constant fighting, cold wars, rejection, loneliness, or if your marriage is in crisis, Laura shares her 6 skills to create the peace, passion, fun, and confidence that you desire in your relationship. Even if you are dabbling in resentment for small things this episode is for you. It's packed with so many good takeaways for how to create harmony and get rid of resentment in your marriage!

This was such a fun and informative conversation around an important topic. Laura has an amazing story on how she transformed her own marriage and has helped countless women do the same.

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