Healing Your Gut and Wild Fermentation w/Laura Paulisich

Hormone Healing | Migraines, Birth Control, Mood Swings, Fertility, Periods, Libido by Dominique | M.S. Nutrition, Holistic Hormone Coach, NASM-CPT

Episode notes

In this episode, I am joined by Laura Paulisich to talk about how to heal our gut health which will in turn better support our hormones and overall health. After struggling with a chronic autoimmune disease since childhood to thriving health in adulthood, Laura uses her experience to help others live more naturally. Laura founded ToxyFree to help people find toxin-free products and information they will love and that will help them live their best life!

Today we talk about methods to heal your gut and tips to help support your microbiome - including wild fermentation. Join us in your journey to better gut health!

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