S01 E03 - Govert Schilling, award-winning science author

The HoliShay Anthology by Shay Michael
Shay Michael chats with Govert Schilling, a Dutch popular science writer and amateur astronomer, on his latest book, The Elephant in the Universe, Our Hundred-Year Search for Dark Matter.In the episode, Schilling details his experiences meeting with scientists around the world and conversing with them on the fascinating experiments they'v  ...  See more
Oct 18 2022

hello how are you doing today how are you I'm fine I'm pretty good so
um let's jump right into this can you tell me something about your podcast what is the
yeah so I'm a uh audience I'm a lifelong journalist I worked for
uh deutschevela in Germany um uh if you're familiar are you familiar with Germany or Deutsche Bella
yeah I know the name yeah cool and then um so now I currently work with the NFL
uh the National Football League in the United States and one thing that I
really liked about working with uh deutschevelo was that I could interview anybody about anything
and with uh yeah with the um uh NFL I'm
kind of uh stuck with interviewing football players which is cool but I still have this deep fascination with uh
you know people and what they're doing and I thought you know what my mig

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