Navigating Social Media Investigations with Justin Hodson and Alison Peacock

The HodPod by Hodson PI LLC

Episode notes

In the second episode of "The Hod Pod" podcast, hosts Justin Hodson and Alison Peacock dive into the intriguing world of Social Media Investigations. This 20-minute episode delves into the various aspects of how social media is utilized in investigations, the timing of its application, preserving crucial evidence, and the ethical considerations that come into play.The hosts begin by discussing the wide range of scenarios where social media becomes a valuable tool for investigators. From verifying insurance claims to uncovering instances of theft and locating missing individuals, social media's role in modern investigations is both extensive and impactful.The episode provides insights into when and how social media investigations are employed. The hosts shed light on its application in court cases, mediations, settlements, and claims investigation ... 

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