Exploring Subrosa Surveillance: Legal and Ethical Dimensions in Insurance Defense Investigations

The HodPod by Hodson PI LLC

Episode notes
In this episode of Hod Pod, hosts Justin Hodson, CPI, and Alison Peacock, JD, delve into a captivating discussion centered around the intricate world of subrosa surveillance in insurance defense investigations. Through their combined expertise as a private investigator and a legal professional, they shed light on the multifaceted aspects of this often controversial practice.Justin Hodson, a seasoned Certified Private Investigator, and Alison Peacock, a knowledgeable JD, engage in a thoughtful dialogue that navigates the legalities and ethical considerations surrounding subrosa surveillance. Drawing from their experiences and insights, they address key questions that arise when conducting covert surveillance to gather evidence for insurance claims.Throughout the episode, Hodson and Peacock highlight the importance of adhering to legal boundaries whil ...   ...  Read more
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