Bitcoin Maximalism (in Moderation) with "Normie" Dave - HHR068

High Hash Rate by Dan & Mike

Episode notes

This week on High Hash Rate, Dan and Mike speak with "Normie" Dave

Dave is a class of 2020-2021 Bitconer who lives in New Zealand. Despite being active on "Bitcoin X" and more or less identifying as a Bitcoin Maximalist, Dave is a "toxic normie". We chat about Bitcoin, how it has impacted his life, how it's viewed in New Zealand, and how he squares his center left ideology with the radically different views which are disproportionately shared among Bitcoiners in the digital realm.

Dave’s Twitter: @southside263

Dave's NOSTR Npub: npub1ym56klev354vx7gr47gtu2s6aahj4j7kn860ykw243adx0fqqrqsf6pdvw

Dan Twitter: @hrtlndbitcoin

Mike Twitter: @rundancebitcoin

High Hash Rate Twitter: @HighHashRate

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