I Was Changed By The Power of the Holy Spirit, Kay Horner’s Story

Her God Story with Jodie Chiricosta by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

“Chosen, Anointed, Daughter of the Most High God,” that is what God calls me,” says Kay Horner. God had a purpose and a destiny for Kay’s life that was mightier than the enemy’s plan for her destruction. The same goes for you! God healed Kay from childhood experiences and gave her a new perspective and anointing. His plan for her has taken many forms: wife, mother, homeschool teacher, crisis pregnancy center director, pastor, and ministry leader. She simply served where God led her. Listen as Kay and host Jodie Chiricosta discuss how even through the challenges, Kay counts it all joy for the sake of Christ. Kay encourages women to “take the stairs” in our journey with God and not be hindered by stained-glass ceilings or held back by sticky floors. As a chosen, anointed, child of God you’ll be encouraged

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