Talking With God About Hard Things, The Rev. Dr. Susan Bubbers’ Story

Her God Story with Jodie Chiricosta by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

We all have questions. Some are bigger than others. God can answer them all, when we seek Him. The Rev. Dr. Susan Bubbers' first memory is having a conversation with Jesus in a row boat. Since then she has had many talks with the Lord and He has led her to places few women are found. As she has worshipped and pressed into knowing God, He has given her answers for herself, and others. One thing she knows, there are no ceilings with God! Listen to Susan and host, Jodie Chiricosta, as they discuss God’s answer to some nagging questions. You’ll find out if pets go to heaven. You’ll learn about communion and worship. And you’ll also discover how to make major life decisions with confidence.

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