I Survived A Plane Crash By God’s Grace, Joke Yakubu's Story

Her God Story with Jodie Chiricosta by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

Joke Yakubu survived a plane crash! But as she lay buried in the rubble, she asked, “God am I going to die?” Years earlier Joke had put her faith in Christ when He spoke to her, “it’s not about just going to church. It’s about allowing Me to take your life and every aspect of it.” She willingly embraced God’s plan, diligently applying His Word in her life. And in the midst of her crisis – she had peace. Listen as Joke recounts her story, and discusses with host Jodie Chiricosta how she has experienced God’s faithfulness time and again. You’ll be fascinated by her story, encouraged to be fruitful where God has placed you and inspired to count your blessings too!

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