Here's the Deal with Mark Evans DM

Here's the Deal by Here's the Deal Podcast

Episode notes

🎙Mark Evans DM, aka The Deal Maker, is a successful entrepreneur author, and coach who splits his time between Ohio and Florida. Like us, Mark is from a small Ohio town. Growing up, people around him weren’t sure he’d graduate highschool. Mark had other ideas and had his first two busineses by 19.💪

The DM's huge success since then has partly come from his strategy - combine systems and a strong team, and emphasize “data, not drama”. 🎯

He is also a 11 time bestselling author; he’s created cutting-edge software; he’s an expert in teaching business owners how to automate and scale their business; and he coaches business owners around the world on how he runs two 8-figure businesses. 🏆🏆🏆

We like Mark because he is a gigantic hustler AND he’s also in the trenches with his teammembers. So, without further ado, here’s the deal ... 

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