Heart & Soul

by Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom love to inspire and uplift your Heart & Soul

we share insights on a range of topics from self care to spirituality

plus we share tips and exercises that can help you in your every day life

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Soul Magic

    Soul Magic

    Soul Magic is about unleashing your inner light. Janet Groom and Caroline Palmy share their experiences as solo/Soul/entrepreneurs and how connecting to their soul magic helps them keep sharing from their heart and soul. Being in the ebbs and flows of life Releasing and healing on a deeper level, as they move forward on their journey. Their aim is to inspire and assist you on your journey, while being authentic and heart and soul led. Janet has launched her Soul Magic Academy: https://soulmagicwithjanet.thrivecart.com/glow-self-love-course/?coupon=GLOW111 Caroline is hosting her healing workshop: https://carolinepalmy.com/relax-release-renew-rebuilding-trust-from-within/

  • Holidays


    What was your favorite Holiday, and how did you feel? Going on Holidays having time for yourself and space to truly connect within is amazing. How you can make the most of your holidays and staying in the moment, and how to maintain your Holiday feeling, Janet and Caroline share their insights with you. Janet Groom, https://janetgroom.com/ Caroline Palmy https://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Finding Clarity in the chaos

    Finding Clarity in the chaos

    Everywhere you look it feels like chaos, where is the world coming to? Do you put your head in the sand, do you feel like you are reaching above the clouds or do you sometimes feel crashed by the waves. How can you find clarity in all the chaos. Janet Groom and Caroline Palmy explore this topic and share their wisdom, insights and inspiration with you. Feel free to share Connect with the hosts via their Websites https://janetgroom.com/ https://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Balancing the Energies

    Balancing the Energies

    Have you felt a bit more tired lately? Are big old things coming up again? Do you feel full of energy one day, and totally exhausted the very next? Big shifts of energy are happening at the moment, balancing the energies is key Janet and Caroline share their experiences and help you with wonderful insights and tips on how you can balance the energies too. Enjoy this episode of Heart and Soul, go back and listen to previous ones too and don't forget to share with friends Warm hugs Caroline and Janet https://janetgroom.com/ https://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Prepare for the Golden Future

    Prepare for the Golden Future

    What can we do right now to prepare for the Golden Future, how might it feel if everything is falling apart, how to connect to your Heart and Soul and Trust helps you to keep going. Remember you are a human being, and it is ok to experience ups and downs. Keep returning to your inner light and love and keep sharing. Warm hugs Janet Groom https://janetgroom.com/ Caroline Palmy https://carolinepalmy.com/