Heart & Soul

by Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom love to inspire and uplift your Heart & Soul

we share insights on a range of topics from self care to spirituality

plus we share tips and exercises that can help you in your every day life

Janet is a Spiritual Life Coach


and Caroline is a Heart Flow Healer

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Book Launch

    Book Launch

    We are sharing our first book on Heart and Soul covering the first 10 topics of our show Sharing from our heart and soul and gorgeous wisdom and light Get your copy now, and open your heart and soul with beautiful gifts and insights https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Soul-Discover-Magic-Within-ebook/dp/B0CJD9BZHY/ref= With love Janet and Caroline

  • About Chakras

    About Chakras

    Chakras, what are they, what do they do and what colours are associated with each chakra.Dive into the world of Chakras, we are covering the mainly known 7 ones in this episode, of course there are many more.Get our book herehttps://www.amazon.com/Heart-Soul-Discover-Magic-Within-ebook/dp/B0CJD9BZHY/ref=Enjoy and contact us, if you have any questionsJanet Groom, Soul Magic with Janet athttps://janetgroom.com/Caroline Palmy, Intuitive Energy Healer, Heart Flow Healing athttps://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Spirituality


    We are a spiritual being in a human bodyHave you started your spiritual journey alreadyWhat is it you always wanted to know about spiritualityJanet Groom, Spiritual Life Coachand Caroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healershare their stories and insights into Spiritualityfind out more on our websites https://janetgroom.com/https://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Manifesting


    Manifesting and the law of attraction, What would you love to manifest into your life? Janet and I share about our Manifesting experience and the one thing or two that is so important in all of thisCaroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healer https://carolinepalmy.com/Janet Groom, Spiritual Life Coachhttps://janetgroom.com/

  • Loneliness


    Have you ever felt lonely, trapped, isolated?Janet and I share our experiences, and give insights on how we can feel more connected. Enjoy and let us know, what inspired you today?Caroline Palmyhttps://carolinepalmy.com/Janet Groomhttps://janetgroom.com/