Heart & Soul

by Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy and Janet Groom love to inspire and uplift your Heart & Soul

we share insights on a range of topics from self care to spirituality

plus we share tips and exercises that can help you in your every day life

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Birth, Death, and Re-birth

    Birth, Death, and Re-birth

    Our Souls are eternal, and we are here on our soul journey, on this earthly plane. What happens when we die, and how a near death experience can change your life. Enjoy Janet Groom's and Caroline Palmy's insights into the topic of cycle, birth, death and re-birth. Janet Groom, Soul Magic https://janetgroom.com/ Caroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healer https://carolinepalmy.com/

  • Flow


    What is flow, how can you experience it, and what helps you get back into your own flow. Trust, acceptance and being. Janet and Caroline share their insights in this episode Join us for our marvellous event https://janetgroom.com/event_spark/

  • Healing Light

    Healing Light

    Janet Groom and Caroline Palmy share their experiences with Healing Light and how you can tap into it. Enjoy this episode and join us for our Re-Ignite Your Spark Workshop, where you will be able to ignite the light within and share it with the world https://janetgroom.com/event_spark/

  • Balance


    Where in your life are you out of Balance? Listen to Janet and Caroline sharing their insights on Balance in all areas of your life. Balance is important, without rest we never have enough energy. Enjoy and join us for our Workshop https://janetgroom.com/event_spark/

  • Avoidance


    What are you avoiding in your life right now? We all have fear doing something, and avoid it for days and weeks. Do you know how much energy that costs you? Avoiding being seen or heard is another common one. Enjoy this episode of Heart and Soul, learn how you can do the things you keep on pushing in front of you now, and feel good about yourself. Janet Groom, Soul Magic https://janetgroom.com/ Caroline Palmy, Intuitive Energy Healing https://carolinepalmy.com/ Join us for our upcoming workshop https://janetgroom.com/event_spark/ looking forward to being with you