Healthy Business Matters

by Dr. Andrew White and Nathan Baar

In this thought-provoking podcast, Dr. White, the founder and CEO of Align & Co., and Nate Baar, the founder and CEO of Health Bar, come together to challenge the conventional norms of health care delivery. Their mission is to inspire others to think differently about health and revolutionize the way it is provided in our country, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Hot Topics and Trends Pt. 4: Is Concierge Healthcare a Temporary Fad?

    Hot Topics and Trends Pt. 4: Is Concierge Healthcare a Temporary Fad?

    Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White delve into the revolutionary world of concierge healthcare. In this episode, they explore the question: Is concierge healthcare just a fleeting trend, or is it here to stay? Nathan and Dr. White set the tone for the episode, engaging in a conversation about the future of healthcare and the growing importance of personalized relationships between patients and providers. They argue that concierge healthcare represents a return to a more intimate and patient-centered approach in an industry dominated by large, consolidated systems. The hosts draw parallels between the current healthcare landscape and the past, pointing out the marriage of traditional, small-town doctor-patient relationships with cutting-edge innovations like telemedicine and diagnostic technologies. Drawing from real-world examples, they liken the evolution of concierge medicine to the history of coffee consumption. From the specialty of coffee shops to the convenience of pod coffee, and now a regression to hand-grinding for a mindful coffee ritual, healthcare is experiencing a similar pendulum swing. They emphasize that the movement towards concierge healthcare is not only driven by frustrated patients seeking a more personalized experience but also by burnt-out providers who are breaking away from the traditional system. As the hosts explore the benefits and challenges of concierge healthcare, they discuss the intersection of regression and innovation. They highlight the role of technology, the rise of telemedicine, and the potential for decentralized healthcare services. The hosts challenge the misconception that concierge medicine is only for the ultra-wealthy, pointing out that new models offer cost-effective solutions. They explore the shift from fee-for-service models to subscription-based payment models, fostering better financial incentives for both patients and providers. To illustrate the point, they discuss a hypothetical family of five accessing direct primary care services for around $200 a month, comparing it to the cost of traditional insurance premiums. As the episode unfolds, the hosts touch on the provider's perspective, emphasizing the importance of job satisfaction and the growing dissatisfaction within the healthcare system. They explore the dual drivers of the concierge medicine movement: patient demand for personalized care and provider dissatisfaction with the current system. Towards the end, the hosts wrap up by defining concierge healthcare as a relationship built directly between the provider and the individual, whether through private contracts or employer-sponsored subscription models. In conclusion, Nathan and Dr. White express optimism about the future of concierge medicine, viewing it as a significant movement that aligns healthcare professionals in their objective to provide enhanced value to individuals, organizations, and communities. They encourage listeners to stay informed, seek out innovative solutions, and take control of their healthcare choices. This episode serves as a comprehensive exploration of the concierge healthcare trend, offering valuable insights for business owners, HR professionals, and insurance brokers looking to navigate and leverage this transformative shift in the healthcare landscape. Article Referenced:

  • Hot Topics and Trends Pt. 3: Geographic Price Variations in Healthcare Costs

    Hot Topics and Trends Pt. 3: Geographic Price Variations in Healthcare Costs

    Episode Summary: Welcome to another episode of the Healthy Business Matters Podcast with hosts Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White. In this episode, the duo dives into the complex and often surprising world of geographic price variations in healthcare costs. Key Points: Introduction: The hosts set the stage by introducing the topic and its relevance to the previous episode's discussion. They emphasize the importance of understanding the significant impact of location on healthcare costs. Striking Map: The hosts refer to a visually impactful map (linked below) that highlights geographic price variations in healthcare. The map, with its array of colors indicating different price levels, serves as a visual representation of the stark differences in healthcare costs depending on one's location. Consumer Behavior: The conversation delves into how these price variations influence consumer behavior. The hosts touch on the concept of medical tourism, where individuals seek medical procedures in locations offering lower costs, leading to some intriguing stories shared during the episode. Network and Hospital Consolidations: The hosts discuss how conversations surrounding network and hospital consolidations contribute to the observed price variations. They explore how these consolidations impact pricing strategies and consumer options. Frustration with Healthcare Costs: Nathan and Dr. White express frustration with the lack of transparency in healthcare pricing. They share personal anecdotes and stories, highlighting instances where costs seemed inflated and the challenges of navigating the system. Role of Transparency Tools: The hosts emphasize the need for transparency tools in addressing the frustration and lack of clarity in healthcare costs. They discuss the potential role of these tools in empowering individuals to make informed decisions. Legislation and Industry Trends: The episode touches on the potential role of legislation in addressing healthcare pricing issues. The hosts explore industry trends, including the emergence of transparency tools and AI algorithms, which may disrupt the traditional healthcare data landscape. The Book Recommendation: Dr. White recommends the book "Never Pay the First Bill" as a valuable resource for individuals looking to navigate and understand healthcare costs. The book provides logical steps for becoming better informed about healthcare expenses. Exploring Alternatives: The hosts encourage listeners to explore alternatives, including travel for medical services. They share stories of individuals who have opted for medical tourism, finding cost-effective solutions for procedures in other countries. Overall, the episode serves as an eye-opening exploration of the challenges, frustrations, and potential solutions in the realm of healthcare costs, offering both practical advice and thought-provoking insights. Article Link:

  • Hot topics and trends Pt 2: Hospital Consolidations & What it Means for Your Costs

    Hot topics and trends Pt 2: Hospital Consolidations & What it Means for Your Costs

    In this episode of the Healthy Business Matters Podcast, hosts Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White delve into the complex topic of hospital consolidations. The hosts, both experienced in the healthcare industry, share their strong opinions and insights, aiming to shed light on the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare system. The episode kicks off with a brief introduction, setting the stage for a discussion on leveraging concierge healthcare to unlock hidden potential within each employee. As the hosts, Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White, introduce themselves, they create a casual and engaging atmosphere for the audience. The main focus of the episode revolves around the recent Harvard study that scrutinizes claims about the benefits of hospital consolidations. The hosts express their frustration with the prevalent narrative that these consolidations lead to increased quality, decreased costs, and better access to healthcare. Nathan Baar, who has experience working in a large hospital, shares his firsthand observations of how these consolidations impact patient care. The hosts emphasize the importance of data in debunking myths and providing a more objective view of the situation. The discussion touches upon the key findings of the Harvard study, revealing that consolidated health systems marginally improve care but come with significantly higher costs. The hosts highlight the discrepancies in claims of improved quality and reduced costs, bringing attention to the inflated expenses associated with hospital systems. The hosts express concern about the impact on healthcare providers, explaining how the consolidation model incentivizes increased productivity, often at the expense of quality patient relationships. Dr. Andrew White provides insights into the business-oriented approach of these systems and the resulting decline in the overall quality of healthcare. As the episode progresses, the hosts strive to offer a balanced view, acknowledging that not all aspects of hospital consolidations are negative. They point out one potential benefit: larger health systems may be less vulnerable to economic downturns, particularly in specialized care. In the latter part of the episode, the hosts encourage employers and HR professionals to seek transparency in healthcare benefits for their employees. They suggest engaging with brokers or TPAs to gain insights into where healthcare expenses are allocated. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of maintaining choice and exploring alternative solutions to provide employees with options. The episode concludes on a positive note, acknowledging that amidst the challenges, there are opportunities for positive change and innovation in the healthcare industry. The hosts express gratitude for the listeners and invite feedback and suggestions for future topics. Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive exploration of the complexities surrounding hospital consolidations, offering valuable insights for business owners, HR professionals, and anyone navigating the landscape of employee healthcare benefits. Article Link:

  • Hot topics and trends Pt 1: EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) & Mental Health

    Hot topics and trends Pt 1: EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) & Mental Health

    *We apologize for the poor quality of the audio this week, thank you for listening and supporting us ** In the Season 2 premiere of the Healthy Business Matters Podcast, hosts Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White kick off the new year by discussing a critical topic: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and mental health. The hosts emphasize the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace and share insights into the challenges faced by professionals, especially in high-stress environments like nursing. The hosts shed light on the underutilization of EAPs despite their potential effectiveness. They delve into the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly in healthcare professions, and the Barriers employees face in seeking help. The episode stresses the need for employers to proactively address mental health issues and highlights the staggering cost associated with mental health illnesses. Nathan and Dr. White encourage business leaders to lead by example, sharing personal experiences with therapy and advocating for a culture of openness and vulnerability. They discuss the transformative impact of therapy on personal and professional relationships and urge listeners, especially business leaders, to explore mental health resources available to them. In wrapping up the episode, Nathan and Dr. White emphasize the importance of leaders being vocal advocates for mental health and actively engaging with available resources. They encourage listeners to take action, try out mental health solutions, and foster a workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being. Article: Nurses Saving Nurses:

  • Season 1

  • Empowering Healthcare: The HealthBar Journey with Nathan Baar

    Empowering Healthcare: The HealthBar Journey with Nathan Baar

    Show Notes: Welcome to the Healthy Business Matters podcast, where business owners, HR professionals, and insurance brokers can unlock the hidden potential within each employee by leveraging concierge health care. In this episode, Nathan Baar and Dr. Andrew White explore the unique journey of Nathan Baar, founder of HealthBar, shedding light on his inspiring story and the evolution of his innovative approach to healthcare. Episode Summary: In the final episode of the first season, Dr. Andrew White interviews Nathan Baar, the founder of HealthBar, a revolutionary healthcare service. Nathan shares his journey from being an ER nurse to venturing into healthcare administration, ultimately leading to the inception of HealthBar. The episode delves into Nathan's career transition, from his initial aspirations of becoming a doctor to discovering his passion for nursing. The conversation unfolds with Nathan recounting his experiences as an ER nurse, highlighting the challenges and critical decision-making that shaped his skills and mindset. Nathan's entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to pursue a master's in healthcare administration, but the disconnect between administrative decisions and patient needs left him dissatisfied. The turning point came when Nathan got fired, coinciding with the birth of his business idea, HealthBar. The narrative takes a poignant turn as Nathan discusses the mental health issues and burnout prevalent among nurses, emphasizing the need for empowering the nursing workforce. HealthBar's mission becomes clear—to decentralize healthcare services and bring personalized, accessible care directly to individuals. As HealthBar evolved, Nathan shares the challenges faced during the pandemic, pivoting from COVID-related services to becoming a comprehensive healthcare provider for businesses and schools in Michigan. The episode concludes with Nathan's passionate advocacy for transforming the nursing profession and empowering nurses to lead change in healthcare. Connect with Nathan Baar and HealthBar: HealthBar Website LinkedIn: Nathan Baar Stay Tuned for Season 2: As the first season wraps up, the hosts announce the upcoming second season scheduled for January 2024. Listeners are encouraged to follow Healthy Business Matters on various platforms and suggest potential guests or topics for future episodes. Happy holidays and see you in the new year!