Health Chatter

by Clarence and Stan

HEALTH CHATTER is a weekly podcast in which Dr. Stan Shanedling, Clarence Jones, and special guests bring a dynamic conversational lens to many of today's health issues. It's a podcast for people young, old and professional and from various backgrounds. It is intended to bring to light through open conversation the health concerns and questions we all face. Stan and Clarence have had different health career trajectories but... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E37 - Talking With Your Doctor

    E37 - Talking With Your Doctor

    Stan and Clarence chat with Dr. Barry Baines on how to talk with your physician about general health and more serious illnesses.Dr. Baines - after completing his medical training at Georgetown University Medical and residency at t...

  • E36 - Pets

    E36 - Pets

    Stan and Clarence chat with Dr. Nicole Heinrich about how pets influence our lives and health.Dr. Nicole Heinrich, DVM, DACVD, - the owner of McKeever Dermatology Clinics, the largest vet dermatology practice in the midwest - has ...

  • E35 - Newspaper Coverage of Health Issues

    E35 - Newspaper Coverage of Health Issues

    Stan and Clarence sit down with Jeremy Olson to chat about newspaper and journalism coverage of health issues. Jeremy has a developed career as a healthcare journalist. In addition to being a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Jerem...

  • E34 - Suicide

    E34 - Suicide

    This week on Health Chatter, Stan and Clarence chat with Tanya Carter and Mark Kinde on the 9th leading cause of death in America - suicide.Tanya Carter, Supervisor of the Suicide Prevention Unit, and Mark Kinde, manager and Direc...

  • E33 - CPR and AEDs

    E33 - CPR and AEDs

    Clarence and Stan chat with Kim Harkins about the importance of CPR and AEDs.Kim Harkins, with over 30 years of experience, details the history and importance of CPR and AEDs. To learn more about CPR and AED certification, check o...