The Truth About the Warrior Stance

Healing From The Holy Land by Devorah Harow

Episode notes
I come across the Warrior Stance and the effects of it on the body on a regular basis in my practice. I also see its causes, and what it takes to help clear the stance and the body's need for it. If you have adopted the Warrior Stance - no matter what the reasons - you might be aware or unaware of what its effects are on your body.-weakness of shoulder girdle-pain in the neck and shoulders-tendency for migraines/headaches-weakness in legs/legs that are quick to fatigue-tight pelvic/hip muscles.Sometimes it takes a body-work healing session to discover the pains and default tensions. When the body has adjusted to this stance over the years, the person becomes unaware, as this is "just the way things are". It is the only way he remembers his body feeling. Beyond recognizing and healing the physical aspects of this stance, it is important to understand ...   ...  Read more
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