National Hay Market Report

by Feed Central

Designed for Buyers & Sellers of Hay around Australia.

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  • Season 3

  • National Hay Market Report - Nov-Dec 2023

    National Hay Market Report - Nov-Dec 2023

    KEY POINTS Over the last month, we've seen significant rain events. These widespread rains have allowed for market stabilisation. The export hay sector remains active, keeping prices elevated in the southern regions. We're seeing very high quality lucerne and vetch hay, with a high visual grading and very high nutritional content. As we approach Christmas, it's important to consider the latest Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecast, which predicts higher than average temperatures this summer. Understand your needs, do your research, and feel free to contact us at Feed Central for advice.

  • Special Release Market Update

    Special Release Market Update

    KEY POINTS Many areas that have been extremely dry (and driving the hay market) have received very welcome rain this week. In a Special Release Market Update, Tim Ford, Managing Director of Feed Central, explores the impact of this weather event on the national fodder market. He gives buyers and sellers recommendations on how to make decisions around fodder in the current market conditions.

  • National Hay Market Report Oct-Nov 2023

    National Hay Market Report Oct-Nov 2023

    KEY POINTS Production to date has yielded excellent quality. There is still plenty of hay being made in southern areas but care is needed with this product as some of it is seeing the effects of being in the windrow for several weeks. Demand has been strong throughout October which has pushed prices up. However, recent interest rate rises, coupled with some rainfall, have brought a temporary stability to the market in early November. Hay fires have been a concern this season, with even some of the very best operators impacted. Feed Central has inspected 30,000 tonnes for October and now has a over 100,000 tonnes inspected, feed tested and ready for sale.

  • Season 1

  • National Hay Market Report July 2021

    National Hay Market Report July 2021

    KEY POINTS Growers are making room for new season product by selling now at good prices. Buying demands has stayed consistently low. Prices drop on protein hay in NSW by at least – $20 per ton. Mice begin to slow with the cold & wet weather in some areas.

  • National Hay Market Report June 2021

    National Hay Market Report June 2021

    KEY POINTS Mice continue to run rampant in NSW and other regions. There has been some increased demand for hay in Victoria & South Australia. Demand remains low for hay into Backgrounding, Dairies throughout the majority of NSW and southern QLD. However, a market for protein hay is proving reasonably strong. Protein hays & high-quality Vetch is hard to find, however, quality Lucerne is still available. Cattle herds continue to grow, although a long road ahead remains for herd rebuilding nationwide. Some Beef Producers are taking advantage of the high cattle prices and opting to sell their herd instead of supplementary feeding. Prices paid for cattle continue to put a squeeze on feeding margins. The hay buyers that are in the market are looking for quality and quality only.