Thoughts from a Node.js Core Contributor w/ Matteo Collina

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Episode notes

This episode of the HarperDB podcast features Matteo Collina, Core Contributor of Node.js, Lead Maintainer of Fastify, & PhD. Questions covered include:

  • Share a bit about you / your background / journey into tech

  • How did you become a core contributor of Node.js?

  • What's one of your favorite projects you've seen using Node?

  • Tell us about Fastify, why are you excited about it?

  • Thoughts on Bun?

  • What do you love about the open source community? Are there any drawbacks to OSS?

  • Looking ahead - predictions for Node & JS in general, what are your goals over the next year?

Matteo is a core contributor of Node.js, an author and a maintainer of many modules  ... 

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