Hacking Into Security #23 - Finding vulnerabilities as a teenager, first job at 17, bug bounties and more, with Shubs - @infosec_au, @notnaffy

Hacking into Security - Career Talks by Ricki Burke

Episode notes

In this episode, we catch up with Shubs (Shubham Shah, @infosec_au, @notnaffy), CTO of Assetnote.

A passion for hacking grew early in Shubs' life. He was demonstrating good skills in hacking but faced with a tough decision at an early age. Follow his parents wishes and attend university or his own path and get a job.

We talk through Shubs's incredible journey which saw him land his first job in the industry at 17 years old, his success in bug bounties and going on to co-found the company Assetnote.

Shubs also shares some practical tips for aspiring hackers and bug bounty hunters.

Recommended blog by Shubs on bug bounties - High frequency security bug hunting: 120 days, 120 bugs

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