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  • Premier Episode - Exploring the World of Audio Production and Manipulation

    Premier Episode - Exploring the World of Audio Production and Manipulation

    Welcome to the PREMIER EPISODE of the guntersounds.NET podcast! Today is Friday, January 12, 2024, as we kick off #CREATE2024. Thanks for joining us! My first guest is Brian Downs, a local entrepreneur and veteran here in the East Valley of the Sun! Brian and I start off by taking a trip down memory lane and play a couple of old recordings from the late '80s and early '90s, showcasing our early audio experiments. Remember those days when resources were limited? We discuss the methods we used back then and how we managed to create despite the challenges. We also talk about what we did after leaving for the military and how we approached audio production during those times. Fast forward to the '90s, and review a few songs we created during that era and then dive into the technological developments in audio production since the '80s, including 8-track cassette recorders and the digital ADAT format. And don't miss our opinions on DAWs, older analog equipment, and the newer standalone systems. Plus, the story of our first real DAW experience with the Aardvark Pro Q10 and its unexpected challenges. Ever heard of virtualization in audio production? We explain how it works, involving software-based instruments, effects, and processing. Brian has a new recording device, the Universal Audio Ox Amp Box, and we explore its capabilities. We then talk about Impulse Response (IR) cabinet and room files, which crucial components in audio processing and simulation. We then talk about our musical influences and favorite bands and artists. I talk about how my sister got me into classic heavy metal, like Krokus, Hagar and Priest when it was all the rage. Brian has some surprises regarding being heavily influenced by his aunt and grandmother. And I reveal that I was a closet fan of "MFM." You won't want to miss it!