Grace Unfolding

by Grace Presbyterian South Shore

Conversations in and for the community of Grace Presbyterian South Shore aimed at unfolding the riches of God's grace for God's people. Co-hosted by Jonathan Buckley and Troy Albee.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • A Short-Book Review: Keller on Self-Forgetfulness

    A Short-Book Review: Keller on Self-Forgetfulness

    What is one of the best short books you've ever read? Jonathan and Troy discuss one that has impacted them most, Tim Keller's The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness. Is life merely about success and building our self-esteem or is there a better path to joy for the Christian?

  • Conversation with Derek

    Conversation with Derek

    We welcome another one of our members Derek Notarangelo about how God has pursued him and delivered him from sin and the bondage of addiction. Derek shines powerful light on how Jesus brings freedom and changes lives.

  • What about Feelings?

    What about Feelings?

    We are discussing in this episode if our emotions are to be trusted, ignored, or something else. How and were does God relate to our feelings? We recommend a sound resource on this topic: Untangling Emotions by trusted counselors Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith

  • Conversation with Marilyn

    Conversation with Marilyn

    In this episode we interview one of our members, Marilyn Baker, about her later-in-life conversion, the language of faith in prayer, and the intentionality in sharing Jesus with others.

  • Who is Foolish?

    Who is Foolish?

    A more freestyle discussion surrounding how human nature craves autonomy and resists God's law. In some ways, a continuation of our discussion of sharing and defending our faith.