Greatest Gift - "The Son Of God" [Isaiah 9:1-7]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Jason Lim

Jesus is the greatest gift of all.

"But why? I'm not even looking for Him. I don't need Him!" you may say.

There are 3 reasons why He is the greatest gift:

  1. Greatest Satisfaction

Perhaps you are thinking that if only you have the car, or the condo, or the baby, or the wife... you'll be happy.

But the question is "will you be absolutely satisfied forever with that car or condo?" The reality is that you won't.

We are created by God, and created for God. Nothing but God can fill the chasm in your heart.

People struggle in guilt, shame, fear, emptiness and an endless search for happiness today, because they are cut off from God.

Sin has separated man from His creator.

Enter Jesus! He came to give abundant life. He came to bring eternal life. He came to s ... 

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