S01 E02 - Jerry Fritz, native tree farmer

Go Native: the Business of Native Plants by Cammie Donaldson
Jerry Fritz is a retired tree farmer and the founder of SUNCO, a wholesale supplier of containerized native trees. SUNCO supplied native trees to landscape companies and other wholesale nurseries throughout Florida, operating from locations in South and North Florida. Hear what Jerry has to say about what it takes to be successful in find  ...  See more
Apr 06 2022

Mitzy Sosa, Jerry Fritz

Mitzy Sosa 00:00
Hello, and welcome to today's podcast. I am your host Mitzy Sosa. Today we're going to go on a journey, to find out the most important things to know before starting a native nursery. We have with us today ... drumroll please: [drumroll sound] Jerry Fritz. Hello, Jerry. Happy Monday.

Jerry Fritz 00:23
Yeah, right. I'm Retired every day is Friday.

Mitzy Sosa 00:37
We are so excited to have you here today with us, Jerry, I'd like for you to get started by giving us an introduction. Tell us who you are and what you do, how you got started in this business.

Jerry Fritz 00:50
Okay, my name is Jerry Fritz and I started Sunco in 1982. Started out as a maintenance company. And then I got involved. I own some property in South Florida. So I

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