The Going to Seed Podcast

by Joseph Lofthouse and Shane Simonsen

Learn how to grow your own genetically diverse, locally adapted vegetable crops. Learn more at Seeds, Courses, Community.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 22- Austin Vaughn

    Episode 22- Austin Vaughn

    Shane chats to Austin Vaughn about his experiments developing landrace carrots and a range of other crops in his difficult Texas clay. Check out more of Austin's work at the Going to Seed discourse forum

  • Taylor Chance

    Taylor Chance

    Taylor Chance talks to Shane about his many crop breeding projects, including Chinese yams (Dioscorea polystachya), ancestral cucurbits and interspecies goji berry hybrids.

  • Padraic Flood

    Padraic Flood

    Shane Simonsen talks to Padraic Flood about his work to domesticate the lost tuberous pea crop of Europe, Aardaker, also known as Lathyrus tuberosus.

  • Episode 16- Darren Abbey

    Episode 16- Darren Abbey

    Shane talks to Dr. Darren Abbey about breeding blue beans, white tomatoes, storage tomatillos and so much more. Read more about Darren's work - Find him on Twitter (@thebiologistisn), Mastodon (, Bluesky (@thebiologistisn), Threads: (@thebiologistisn), Instagram (@thebiologistisn) and Tiktok (@thebiologistisn).

  • Episode 15- Holly Hansen

    Episode 15- Holly Hansen

    Joseph and Holly reminisce and discuss plans for the year ahead.