The Shepherd’s SlingExplicit


Live play Star Wars Roleplay based in Edge Studio's Age of Rebellion system. The Shepherd's Sling campaign began in December 2020, and is still being actively written. Live play recording begins at Episode 33. The previous Episodes 1-32 are summarized in the Prelude and Chapters 1-7. At Episode 33, the story beings to unfold in live play manner. Join To-Vod-Ri Kloo, Roquan, Buck Blitzar, Ted Yedman, Mookie Mozu, and a cast o ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 53: Going Downhill

    Episode 53: Going Downhill

    The heroes sneak towards the Mt. Khlisto enemy base as the clock ticks on Ted's health.

  • Episode 52: Clash on Khlisto Ridge

    Episode 52: Clash on Khlisto Ridge

    High atop Mount Khlisto, in the aftermath of Roquan's initial volley, the Kurds scramble to defend themselves from an Imperial onslaught.

  • Episode 51: The Captive and The Climb


    Episode 51: The Captive and The Climb


    The Kurds find themselves faced with a moral dilemma as they learn more about bacta biology. Later, a climb up Mt Khlisto presents new perils.

  • Episode 50: The Akarin


    Episode 50: The Akarin


    The Kurds make their way through the treacherous Thyferran jungle to the Akarin Hive and its Vratix inhabitants. Will they find a way to help a fading Ted, and the rest of the afflicted Rebels back home?

  • Episode 49: Boonta's Butte

    Episode 49: Boonta's Butte

    Atop their Cracian Thumpers, the explorers venture further into the Thyferran wild. What perils await as they crest Boonta's Butte? Will they find the Vratix before Ted succumbs to his affliction?