(196) “Bring Abused Children into God’s Embrace” with Debbie Young (Part 2)

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Episode notes

(Part 2 of 3) Debbie Young joins the Busses again to share more of her amazing story. In the first episode, Debbie shared how Jesus saved her from the darkness of the occult as a teenager, and now she tells how God led her into a powerful ministry to children. After a series of encounters with the Lord, the Father imparted to her His heart to embrace hurting children, and then equipped Debbie and her husband with the blueprint for how to do it. From puppet shows to kids camps to writing children’s books, Debbie has co-labored with the Lord to prepare the hearts of His little ones for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit.

As an intercessor, Debbie has also led prayer journeys in her region to “plow the fallow ground” and “dig spiritual ditches” to prepare the way for the Outpouring of the Spirit of God in the Arkansas River Valley.

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