(182) Make Fearlessness Your Position

Global Outpouring by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes
Turmoil. Trouble. It seems like it’s all around. But you don’t have to live in fear! The Busses take you on a journey through the scriptures and share stories that will encourage you to take up your position as a child of God who is free from the fear of death, danger, and adversity. They discuss receiving power and authority from your intimate relationship with God, and overcoming stress, wounds, and trauma by the Holy Spirit and the Word. Encourage yourself in the Lord like David did, and let your fearlessness remind your enemy that his destruction is coming, and your Salvation has already come!EMAIL: feedback@globaloutpouring.orgWEBSITE: https://globaloutpouring.netRELATED LINKS:  ...  Read more
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