Girl From Valoria

by T.L. Ford

16 year old, Paige Jordan can't wait to leave the town that has tormented her since her mother's disappearance 10 years ago. But before she skips town, she must come to terms with her new powers and protect the town that once belittle her. Follow Paige Jordan as she tries to navigate high school with her new powers and try to track down her mother. You don't want to miss an episode. Support Writing Mentors for Black Girls b ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 3: Run Girl Run


    Episode 3: Run Girl Run


    Paige Jordan is trapped in her room, how will she escape? What waits for her on the outside?

  • Episode 2: Happy Birthday

    Episode 2: Happy Birthday

    16-year-old Paige Jordan is finally ready to runaway or she thinks so?

  • The Prologue

    The Prologue

    Meet 16 year old Paige Jordan living in the not to fear in the future South Africa. Paige tells the story of how her mother disappeared and how the town kids teased her relentlessly about her crazy mother.Support Writing Mentors for Black Girls by donating to$misselateacher

  • So It Begins...


    So It Begins...


    Trailer to the highly anticipated new show...Girl From Valoria.