Getting Bridged with Gar and Kelli

by Jerry Hallsten and Kelli Hallsten Erickson

Gar and Kelli, lifelong Duluth, Minnesota, residents, chat over the places in Duluth with stories that need to be told. It's light on history and heavy on nostalgia, and when you're waiting in line for the Arial Lift Bridge to come back down as a Laker is heading through, this might be just what you need.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Stuff or Treasures?

    Stuff or Treasures?

    Part of nostalgia is the stuff we hang on to from those who have come before us. Why do we do this, and what can we let go?



    We're back!After a chaotic holiday season, Gar and Kelli have finally dug out of piles of snow and are set to talk about what winter was (and still is!!).

  • The Duluth Public Library

    The Duluth Public Library

    Gar and Kelli walk through the history of the Duluth Public Library...and they aren't quiet about it!All information found in the archives housed in the Duluth Public Library, with additional support from that bastion of scholarly research, Wikipedia. Hey, we never said we were doing extremely serious research here!

  • How Halloween Was

    How Halloween Was

    Black cat costumes, a fishing game, and a stuffed guy named George...oh my! It's Halloween Getting Bridged-style!

  • Season 1

  • The Old Neighborhood Feel

    The Old Neighborhood Feel

    Gar and Kelli go back to the old neighborhood for a discussion on how to cross the road and not get squashed, turntable-style checkouts at the grocery store, and Kar Krafts with the Street Angels.