Genes and Gems

by Genes and Gems

Presented by My Black Heritage, Genes and Gems takes the listener on a genealogical journey of discovery. Whether it is helping a guest discover their ancestral roots, or discussing the best practices for the listener to search for their own family gems - Genes and Gems makes genealogy exciting.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Rufus


    Genes and Gems chats with rapper and activist Mysonne about his family's journey, and how they were a part of the Great Migration.

  • In God We Trust with Lord Jamar

    In God We Trust with Lord Jamar

    Lord Jamar sat down with Genes and Gems to discuss some interesting gems discovered on his tree, including, him being related to a 20th century American icon. Lord Jamar is outspoken and full of energy as he discusses his roots!

  • Drop a Gem on 'Em

    Drop a Gem on 'Em

    We sat down with legendary hip hop artist and producer, Havoc from Mobb Deep, to discuss his journey through genealogy and dropped a few gems on him in the process.