I Saw Healing And Great Awakening In The Streets (Episode 27)

Gems For The Journey with Matthew and Stephanie Gerrity by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

Recently, I had a profound and vivid dream. In this dream, our team was leaving a restaurant, and as we walked out the door, standing in front of us was a man waiting to be seated. This individual appeared to be in severe pain. He had been severely injured, and his right arm was secured in a sling. I heard the Lord say, “Lay hands on that man,” and without hesitation, after receiving permission from the man, I laid my hands on him. This man seemed very skeptical that anything supernatural would happen; however, as soon as I touched his arm...

Although many churchgoers have become accustomed to God moving in a certain way in the Church House on a Sunday morning or during a mid-week service, the Lord is calling His Sons and Daughters to understand that He will move according to His Perfect Will everywhere He directs His Church to go. Everywh ... 

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