What Is God's Heart Concerning Sexual Immorality? (Episode 29)

Gems For The Journey with Matthew and Stephanie Gerrity by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

How does the Lord feel about sexual immorality? God has expressed his heart unmistakably in Scripture. Has He changed His mind because of our generation's anger or confusion concerning biblical morality? No! Full stop. Do you hear many messages preached these days forbidding sexual immorality while promoting a life of holiness and sexual purity? Me neither. And what happened to the Gospel that invites the sinner to repent and follow Jesus Christ to and through the cross? Has the cross lost its place and true definition in the modern Church age? Has the understanding of the cross been diluted to become a mere decoration and a fashion accessory in the contemporary Church culture? Many have decided these concepts are too offensive, outdated, or argumentative to discuss. Well, it's time to talk about it. Let's go!

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