Ep. 13 - How Far Can They Go: Are we reaching peak trans?

Gender Critical Story Hour by Amy & Esme

Episode notes

We recorded this episode on September 17, just days prior to the start of Amy’s disciplinary hearing before the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives. The allegation? Knowing there’s a biological difference between females and males.

The impetus for this episode was an explosive story that Anna Slatz, editor-in-chief of Reduxx Magazine, had broken just the day before: Ontario High School Teacher Seen Wearing Massive Prosthetic Bust to Class.

The story immediately went viral in both the corporate and independent media internationally – well, of course it did. The bizarre situation sits at the intersection of absurdity, public policy, gender identity, feminist theory and child safeguarding. Whether to express ridicule or outrage, this story has absolutely everyone talking. And talk we did – this is our ... 

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