Ep. 12 - The Haters Inside the Canadian "Anti-Hate" Network

Gender Critical Story Hour by Amy & Esme

Episode notes

What is hate and just who exactly are the haters? Amy and Esme felt it was high time to expose the haters inside the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, an apparently independent non-governmental organization funded by Trudeau’s Liberals to the tune of $268,000 per year. Their stated mandate is to "monitor hate groups, far-right groups and hate crimes in Canada."

However, the CAHN, in its overzealous search for hatred, has targeted a number of groups and individuals in Canada who are respectfully asking legitimate questions about the Trudeau regime’s unconstitutional legislation and mandates. Their targets include gender critical women and pro-freedom journalists and activists.

Joining us in the discussion were Jonathan Kay, Editor at Quillette and op-ed contributor at the National Post, Andy Lee, independent investigative journalist, Libby E ... 

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