Pass It On

by Gathering912

We hope Gathering Youth is a place where you and everyone you love feels at home. The youth staff at the Gathering are committed to making a difference in our area, and passing on a legacy for the next generation. Give us an opportunity to show you the importance of having a youth group and youth leaders who are in your corner. We are here for you, we love you, and we’re believing the best is yet to come!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • DAVID - Character Study - Defining Moments

    DAVID - Character Study - Defining Moments

    David had a few Defining moments early in his life that set the course for the rest of his life. He was prepared to be used by the Lord in those moments. How we prepare for our defining moments makes all the difference when it arrives.

  • DAVID - Character Study - Introduction

    DAVID - Character Study - Introduction

    David went from shepherd in a field to shepherding his nation. What man didn't see, was what God saw. Integrity & skill when no one was looking.



    What is the Focal point of your life? For many of us, it US!! For the follower of Jesus, it should be - Making disciples!

  • DISCIPLE - Step 2 Deny, Deny, Deny

    DISCIPLE - Step 2 Deny, Deny, Deny

    Jesus said "If anyone desires to come after me, he must Deny himself..." It's no easy task, but the first command if we are to be His disciples.

  • GAME CHANGER - Week 2

    GAME CHANGER - Week 2

    Putting our Faith and Trust in Christ isn't the Finish Line! In fact, it's just the starting line. He's called us to be a Follower. To be a Disciple! So what is a Disciple? Check it out!