ACPD Session 2: The QV murder

Gaming Theater RPG by Gaming Theater Presents

Episode notes

In the city that is filled with magical creatures running around our officers are tasked with investigating the murder of a local store owner. Will they be able to piece together what really happened?

Featuring the Characters;

Aak’ab Ki’ik’el: A mysterious man that traded their life in the tropical jungle for one in the urban jungle.

Jonathan Doe: A classically handsome man turned into a zombie cop, though he seems more interested in devouring criminals than turning them in.

Izzy Alanzo: a self proclaimed gentleman thief, who works for the police department instead of rotting in jail, now hunting down the criminals who ratted him out.

Decka Trystan: an amalgamation of several different creatures cobbled together to make this detective who may not be from this world

Solren Neavarin: a deadly and dangerous elf wh ... 

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