ACPD Session 1: The Split Coin Encounter

Gaming Theater RPG by Gaming Theater Presents

Episode notes

Welcome to Andrea's Cauldron, a city that humans, gnomes, dwarfs, elves, and all sorts of creatures call home. This city is a hotbed of crime; from protection rackets, to arson, to murder, to necromancy, and everything in between. When the innocent are beset by criminals, they call for help from the Andrea’s Cauldron Police Department. They’ve got a thousand stories to tell about walking the beat on these demonic and shadowy streets, so stay a while and listen.

Aak’ab Ki’ik’el: A mysterious man that traded their life in the tropical jungle for one in the urban jungle.

Jonathan Doe: A classically handsome man turned into a zombie cop, though he seems more interested in devouring criminals than turning them in.

Izzy Alanzo: a self proclaimed gentleman thief, who works for the police department instead of rotting in jail, now hunti ... 

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